Things to pack for winter holidays-An Infographic

January 15, 2016
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Things to pack for winter holidays-An Infographic

Things to pack for winter holidays-An Infographic

I am not fond of the winter season, but unfortunately a lot of destinations are cold. Traveling in an off-season, once the country’s weather is getting cold is a good way to save your money and spend your winter holidays.
So, if you can’t avoid the weather condition, what should you pack? All those layers and sweaters, coats and accessories like scarves and evening clutch purses take up a lot of space.

Now, let’s speak of some specifics:

Winter Packing Tips Infographic
Let’s begin with two basic principles:
1. Pack clothes that can be used for layering. Heavy sweaters and sweatshirts eat up a plenty of space in your bags. Additionally, layering clothes that are thinner and insulating ensure that you do not look bigger than you actually are. The individual layers take up less space in your bag and provide additional wear choices.

2. When choosing clothes, wear wool. Wool is natural and versatile. A wool layer facilitates regulation of your body heat. If the temperature heats up, you still will be able to wear a skinny wool shirt, it’ll keep you cool. But if you had packed an important sweater, it might remain sitting uselessly in your bag.


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